about whippetwear™

From the runways of Paris, New York, Melbourne & London, whippetwear™ proudly presents the latest collection of exclusive whippet coats & specifically designed bedding & accessories made to order in Australia.

Your whippet is a unique, excessively elegant & beautiful creature that loves & needs to be warm. Therefore we strongly believe that a coat should enhance the comfort & well being of your sighthound by fitting perfectly close to the body to conserve warmth, be of superior quality for one of the fastest land mammals in the world, as well as reflecting the beauty of the breed.

Our patented coat designs, patterns & cut are a perfect whippet curve fit, ensuring your darling male or female is warm & happy. Our styles are "whippet" trialled & tested for durability, fit & purpose. They wear & wash incredibly well, will last many seasons, are functional & comfortable whilst being, well, simply gorgeous!

Please enjoy our new season's collection of coats, bedding & accessories.