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GEE HOUND LOUNGE is designed exclusively for our handsome Greyhound friends. GEE HOUND LOUNGE is a cozy, warm, double fleece coat perfect for lounging at home, slumber or suitable for cold, dry weather walking.

Soft stretch fleece with a long, lightweight  single fleece stretch polo neck keeps the neck warm, & may be rolled down. Fleece lined chest piece keeps bare chests protected form chilly draughts, an essential to keep your greyhound warm. An adjustable waistband, with secure velcro fastening & a snap buckle along with an extra low back-end for chill free derrières.

Please note that GEE HOUND LOUNGE is designed to fit the Greyhound Breed Standard weight range.

  • perfect for lounging, snoozing & cold, dry weather walking
  • long soft, single fleece stretch neck that can be rolled down
  • warm double fleece
  • adjustable band with snap buckle & velcro fastening
  • low back end coverage to keep your greyhound warm
  • gentle, cold machine wash, no fabric conditioner, line dry only
  • made in Australia with love for your greyhound

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IMPORTANT Please refer to the FITTING ROOM for correct measuring assistance. If you guess your Greyhound's weight & measurements, the coat will not fit! 

If your greyhound is on the weight  & length border for sizes, please go up a size.

We recommend ordering coats well before the cold weather arrives, as our coats are made to order in approx 10 business days. 


  • SMALL 23 - 26 kilos / length 25-27 inches / waist 20-22
  • MEDIUM 26- 29 kilos / length 26-28 inches / waist 22-24
  • LARGE 29 - 34 kilos / length / 28-30 inches / waist 24-27
  • EXTRA LARGE 34-38 kilos / length / 30-32 inches / waist 26-30


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