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PUP is designed to keep your puppy warm with plenty of room to grow with.Your puppy must be kept warm despite their age, especially now as they don't have the warmth of their litter mates.

  • suitable for lounging & sleeping
  • outdoor walking in cold dry weather
  • soft double fleece & fitted soft, stretchy long neck to prevent paws getting caught in a neckline
  • adjustable tie band can be moved forwards or backwards to fit 
  • low back end coverage to keep your whippet warm
  • gentle, cold machine wash
  • made in Australia to order in approx 2 weeks (dependent upon seasonal demand) with love for your whippet pup

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Designed to fit pups based on weight & back length

  • SMALL 3-6 kilos / length 12-15 inches
  • MEDIUM 5 kilos - 9 kilos / length 15-18 inches
  • LARGE 8-11 kilos / length 17-19 inches

*For larger pups consider the Kiss coat & for wriggly pups who get out of coats, ask about our "houndini" tabs

*Puppies can wear an adult coat size from 8 months & will be approx 85% of their adult size. Whippets don't fully mature & fill out until 18 months of age.

An investment is a purpose designed whippet bed such as Klam, Kanga Pouch or Cocoon, that will last for years, to keep your pup warm.

 Please refer to the FITTING ROOM for correct measuring assistance. 


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