puppy & italian greyhound martingale

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Whippet Puppy MARTINGALES are of superior quality & are practical for an every day collar.  The "sight hound specific" collars are made of super strong, yet soft brushed cotton/polyester webbing. Fantastic as everday walking collars, slim fitting & perfect under all our long necked coats with a lead hole. Our dogs have worn these collars for many years & we can't speak highly enough of them for safety, comfort & value, as well as good looks of course.

MARTINGALE has a martingale loop, that has a tightening action should your whippet pull away, so he can't slip his collar when correctly fitted.

Allow one finger to be slipped between the collar & your dog's neck when worn & not pulled on. When the martingale is fully pulled on & tightened, please make sure the "O" rings do not come closer than 2-3 cms together. If they touch, your whippet puppy can slip the collar if panicking. Whippet's have smaller heads than their necks, so can slip out of standard collars easily when you least expect it!

* Please ensure you check & adjust your puppy's martingale collar every few days, as your pup is growing quickly & the collar will be tight!

  • perfect for everyday walking wear
  • welded O rings for extra strength
  • double stitched seams & stress points for safety

WHIPPET PUPPY 2.5 cms width to fit neck 21-30cms circumference 

Designed to fit whippet puppies, small whippets (*under 8 kilos) & Italian Greyhounds

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